Release v2019.2020033101

Monthly release with latest fixes and package fixes.

v2019 is only supported on the latest version, please consider upgrade asap.

UTF8 support:
4539ff8 Fix foreach for UTF8 string, add tests
1b05852 stdlib: break_string.c
ca4d696 sprintf: utf8 fix for table/column mode, with comprehensive test cases.
6c418ce efun: strwidth(), also update docs

Bug fixes:
0254068 Fix buffer overflow in receving large text while transcoding (#616)
a99710f Fix warning about eval limit

397562b Adding lpcc, an LPC compiler/disassembler
f413395 Adding sqlite3 support and db_* efun tests
9bee48c Rewrite PACKAGE_ASYNC with no data race, also implement async_getdir correctly
595a633 Make max local variables confiugrable. (#617)

Various doc updates
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