Pre-release v2019.2020010301

v2019.2020010301 is released for testing with UTF-8, websocket and more!

Let me know what you think!

Release Notes


Ubuntu 18.04 (including WSL), OSX latest, and MSYS2/mingw64 is all supported!

Migration note


  1. v2019 require all mudlib files to be valid UTF-8 files, including object save files. Use iconv to convert them if necessary.
  2. set_encoding() and query_encoding() is available to set this_player()'s connection to given charset, which would automatically transcode input/output.
  3. read more at UTF-8 support in v2019


  1. make install will install an directory of example websocket http pages with xtermjs configured, copy that to your mudlib directory
  2. Add “external_port_2: websocket XXXX” to config file to enable websocket.
  3. Adding “websocket http dir: ./www” to config file
  4. TODO: write more about websocket ascii protocol.


  1. crypt(password, “”) will by default use SHA512 to securely encrypt your password!
  2. crypt with old password will still work, but will complain in debug log.
  3. oldcrypt() is the old MD5 based crypt() that also works, and also complains, please have user type password again to securely encrypt their password to SHA512.