How do I call send_gmcp()?

I can’t find any send_gmcp() except referenced in patch notes.
I can’t figure out how to call this function.
I created a reddit post at that has no useful answers.
I can’t find any documentation anywhere that explains how to call send_gmcp().

The answer is correct, my change will make it easier to call send_gmcp() from any command. New version should be released today.

Thank you. Please add a help file for send_gmcp(), and/or has_gmcp(). None of the coders of my mud have access to the driver code - not even myself. We have to rely on LPC to do absolutely everything, so help files for all the functions we have available to use are critical.


should show how things suppose to work. My suggestion is that you should setup an local development environment, so you can try new drivers on your machine before updating the server

Thank you for this example code. Creating a local development environment is not possible for me, but thank you for the suggestion.

You can always run the testsuite mudlib or any other mudlib to test out efuns and lpc codes