Future compatibility breaking but AMAZING features

What kind of features could be doing for future relases on the driver level? If we’re in a COMPAT BUSTER mode where old things can break, but also be improved?

What release number should it have?

I made this thread to collect suggestions for busters! :slight_smile:

v2019 will not have breaking features. It will continue to receive non breaking bug fixes and enhancements.

The next release , an runtime system upgrade (Ubuntu-20.04 Lts) is probably going to be in v2021.

It is unclear when I have time to implement nodejs integration, it is not an breaking change , but don’t know if I can get to it this year.

NodeJS … sounds interesting? What kind of things would you think would be made possible with this? Better web integration of MUDs?

Other thoughts: Driver JSON support, better support for MXP and stuff like that out of the box, so less work has to be done in the mudlib.

There are json.c shipped in stdlib already.

I don’t know what you mean by the rest of the feature, if you can file github issues for it it would be great.

I was hoping someone else could expand honestly :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can come up with something more concrete.